Research Support Services

I-DAPT leverages the expertise of affiliated faculty to fulfill our research mission.

Editorial Services

I-DAPT provides editorial and basic design assistance for grant applications, reports to funders, and dissemination.

Monthly Research Roundtable

Monthly roundtables facilitate research success by:

  1. Connecting I-DAPT affiliated researchers with just-in-time information about UF resources and tools.
  2. Providing feedback on research proposals.
  3. Identifying new opportunities for collaboration within and outside of I-DAPT.

Information Technology

I-DAPT employs an IT Analyst, Mr. Jason Rogers, through the Department of Occupational Therapy, to provide technical expertise to meet the needs of the Institute. Mr. Rogers holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and has 15+ years of experience supporting funded research projects with skill and knowledge in software and web development, hardware life-cycle, instrumented vehicles, and audio/visual productions.

REDCap Database Management

We maintain a list of apparatus (i.e., survey, assessments, and intake forms) that are continually updated. We have developed R scripts to clean and score these surveys based on their validation.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Affiliated labs have expertise designing consent processes that facilitate informed decision making for vulnerable populations, safety measures for monitoring adverse events (e.g., simulator sickness), analysis of intervention sessions captured through video recording, conducting on-road driving evaluations, and collecting data in community settings.

PhD Student Roundtable

I-DAPT and the Department of Occupational Therapy jointly host 2-3 PhD student roundtables each semester. With the aim of supporting the professional developmental of new scholars, topics are driven by student needs and interests and feature invited guests from across UF.

Student Travel Funds

PhD students affiliated with I-DAPT are eligible to receive supplementary travel funds to attend and present at conferences aligned with I-DAPT’s mission.