Affiliated Labs

I-DAPT is currently comprised of five research labs. Collectively these labs foster the I-DAPT vision and mission.


Healthy Aging and Functional Ability Lab

We believe that age is just a number and promote healthy aging by helping older adults engage in activities that are valuable to their health and independence. Our research goal is to increase disability-free life expectancy for older adults by developing, testing, and implementing evidence-based programs.

Director: Dr. CJ Liu

Dr. Liu sitting at a table with research participant

Sensory Development Lab

SensoryLab aims to enhance the theoretical foundation of sensory brain-behavior relationships in typically developing children and those with neurodevelopmental conditions in order to support the development and evaluation of interventions for children with sensory, motor, and social emotional challenges.

Director: Dr. Stefanie Bodison

group of people holding hands


Technology for Occupational Performance Lab

The TOP lab focuses on optimizing function for people with disabilities through the use of technology, robotics, and smart devices.

Director: Dr. Hongwu Wang

Dr. Hongwu Wang demonstrates using wheelchair in lab space with motion capture cameras.