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Jason Rogers

How can robots assist older adults and people with disabilities?

Hongwu Wang, Ph.D., assistant professor in the department of occupational therapy and director of the Technology for Occupational Performance (TOP) Lab, develops and applies assistive technologies that help perform daily tasks, like carrying groceries. As an engineer by trade, Wang hopes occupational therapists and engineers can work more closely to create the best technology to help their patients.

Supporting next generation AI research

Raghuveer Chandrashekhar (mentor: Hongwu Wang, PhD) is one of five inaugural PHHP student recipients of the college's Ph.D. Fellowship in Artificial Intelligence program.

Aging Matters: Transportation tests county’s seniors

To drive or not to drive? That is the question confronting many people as they age, especially those who live in southern states like Florida, where a car-centric culture makes it more difficult to get around when one can’t, won’t, or is unable to continue driving.

UF Health gauges seniors’ opinions on self-driving vehicles

Recently, local seniors lined up outside UF Health Precision Health Research in The Villages, eager to get inside an empty shuttle. None of them were driving. That was what made it exciting. Over multiple days last week, seniors participated in a study spearheaded by the University of Florida’s College of Public Health and Health Professions researchers.